Rayonex Testing Devices

Rayonex knows that providing solutions for health means providing the complete package. That is why Rayonex sells  testing equipment, ways to protect the body against frequencies and the provide a knowledge base, including training, on how to use the equipment.

Sustainable Health Solutions offers solutions for testing the home against the affects of geopathic and electromagnetic frequencies which may be harmful to the body.

If you suspect that certain areas of your house, e.g. the bedroom, are contaminated by electric or magnetic alternating fields, you should determine these fields more precisely. You can do it yourself with the help of a field meter; the FM 6T. The field meter FM 6T is additionally equipped with a sound generator that can signal the field strength acoustically.


For testing AC currents in home

Broad-band measuring instrument for the professional assessment of high-frequency load situations. Necessary to determine suitable remediation measures and to examine their effectiveness. User-friendly instrument for professionals. The scope of functions and the design are geared to the building-biological practice.


For testing HF currents in home

In the future we will be offering training on how to use the equipment for the purpose of testing frequencies in the home.

The PS 10 Basic Human device series has been created as a portable and affordable way for patients to receive therapy on their own in the comfort of their home. Pet owners can harmonize their pets with what is on the green card and under the direction of their practitioner. Patients with no or limited mobility now have an option for Bioresonance Therapy when they need it, with limited trips to the practitioner!

PS - 10

For testing geopathic zones

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