Each Rayonex Biofield Product has a dipole antenna which harnesses the earth's frequencies

and re-broadcasts them to counter the potentially negative effects of an unhealthy environment.

These exact subtle frequencies, which are hardly noticeable, were tested for over a decade in Germany and are precise. Rayonex has been producing Biofield Forming products for

over 35 years and have sold hundreds of thousands of units!

We live in a sea of energy where, electronic devices receive and transmit almost anywhere.

Many of the transmission frequencies are harmful to humans and animals.

The exact effects are still being tested, however illnesses and diseases are becoming more

common and scientific studies link many illnesses a diseases to this cause.

Various types of devices receive, modify and rebroadcast frequencies. The Problems: Various types of devices receive, modify and rebroadcast frequencies. Often, these frequencies disturb our health. As or bodies become more and more compromised due to our growing toxic load and a lack of exercise and a less than healthy diet, these frequencies impact us more and more. Moreover, not only are they introducing more and more transmitting and receiving technologies into our world, they are implementing stronger ones! 5G technology is becoming Town - City - Wide. In addition, our homes which should be safe places where we may rest, relax and recuperate are becoming filled with devices which are constantly communicating with each other and the rest of the world.
We have a Solution! Rayonex provides Biofield devices that also receive and broadcast various frequencies. The difference is that our frequencies are not only natural, but healthy! Rayonex Biofield Devices are "powered by the environment" and do not need to be plugged into the wall nor do they need batteries. Just keeping these devices near you can improve your health. If you are exposed to wifi, bluetooth and/or pulsed signals all day, then you typically have only two choices, turn them all off or seek protective measures. With Rayonex, not anymore. Rayonex products create a healthy field so that your body will harmonize with health instead of dis-function and disease!
Frequencies flow through the body all the time. This is something that Chinese Doctors identified thousands of years ago. When we are injured our body produces healthy signals to regenerate
The frequencies broadcast by the our Biofield Forming Devices cause a healing and stimulating response in the body.
This is like two tuning forks in resonance with each other. This is why our motto is:
Scientific studies in Germany, where this Mini-Rayonex is manufactures, show that the body responds to the frequencies broadcasted by the Mini-Rayonex with a healing response.
Use of the Mini-Rayonex is simple. It is powered by the environment, so no batteries are needed. Keep the Mini-Rayonex near you and its effects on the body will be noticed by the "healing" energy. The Mini-Rayonex will never expire nor does it need maintenance. The range is approximately 3 feet. The Fundamental Frequency Value (FFV) broadcast by the Mini-Rayonex are in the range of 12.5 Hz, Mhz, Ghz.
The Rayonex RAYEX System 3 Different RAYEX devices make up the RAYEX System. Each one is intended to be used in a specific environment and each broadcasts a different energy or Fundamental Frequency Value (FFV). All 3 may all be used in a home or office or may be used for travel. Use of the Rayex is simple, just keep it on a flat surface near your and it will produce frequencies with a range of 3 - 6 feet. It is especially recommended to keep the Elo and the HF RAYEX nearby when sleeping.
There are many types of frequencies within a car which are harmful to the body. these include bluetooth, Wifi, cellphone, and other vehicle electronics including batteries. The six FFV's broadcast by the Car-Rayex are a harmonious balance to the above mentioned harmful frequencies.
Frequencies within the home/office which are harmful to the body include: wiring, lights, monitors and other electrical devices. The six FFV's broadcast by the ELO-Rayex negate such negative frequencies.
Many types of frequencies which are harmful to the body come from High Frequency (HF) devices. These include Wifi, Blue-tooth, cordless phones, etc. The six FFV's broadcast by the HF-Rayex offset these unfavorable frequencies to neutralize their effects.


These devices contain six antennas which produce different frequencies.

Each frequency produced stimulates a healing reaction to counter the side effects of being exposed to different kinds of unhealthy frequencies.

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