Sustainable Health Solutions' goal is to represent, sell, and support new and exciting technologies that aid the healing process. These products offer testing and therapy techniques which are currently beyond the scope of conventional medicine. It is our goal to provide a broad platform and to support a multi-modal system for healing and maintaining a healthy well-being in the forefront of everyday life. It is our focus to promote our products and those near to our technologies to create awareness and a re-evaluation of an exclusive reliance on conventional and mainstream approaches.
Sustainable Health Solutions' Headquarters Dahlonega, Georgia USA
Rayonex Biomedical GmBH (INC.) designs and manufactures high value medical devices for the worldwide market. Their Headquarters in Germany is designed in the shape of pyramids due to the shielding of electromagnetic and geopathic energies. Rayonex is currently active in over 50 countries and has been established for over 35 years. Rayonex takes pride in being part of Germany's advanced technological innovation and manufactures products to the highest standards. Rayonex Headquarters Lennestadt, Germany
706-482-0007 889 Wimpy Mill Rd., Suite 2D, Dahlonega, GA 30533