Various types of devices receive, modify and rebroadcast frequencies.
The Mini-Rayonex receives, modifies and rebroadcasts frequencies. It is "powered" by the environment.
Frequencies flow through the body all the time.
The frequencies broadcast by the Mini-Rayonex cause a healing and stimulating response in the body.
This is like two tuning forks in resonance with each other. This is why our motto is:
Harmonize with Health!

mini w/ frequencies

Scientific studies in Germany, where this Mini-Rayonex is manufactured, show that the body responds to the frequencies broadcasted by the Mini-Rayonex with a healing response.


Use of the Mini-Rayonex is simple. It is powered by the environment, so no batteries are needed. Keep the Mini-Rayonex near you and its effects on the body will be noticed by the "healing" energy. The Mini-Rayonex will never expire nor does it need maintenance. The range is approximately 3 feet. The fundamental frequency value (FFV) broadcast by the Mini-Rayonex are in the range of 12.5 Hz, Mhz, Ghz.
There are many types of frequencies within a car which are harmful to the body. these include bluetooth, Wifi, cellphone, and other vehicle electronics including batteries. The six FFV's broadcast by the Car-Rayex are a harmonious balance to the above mentioned harmful frequencies.
Frequencies within the home/office which are harmful to the body include: wiring, lights, monitors and other electrical devices. The six FFV's broadcast by the ELO-Rayex negate such negative frequencies.
Many types of frequencies which are harmful to the body come from High Frequency (HF) devices. These include Wifi, Blue-tooth, cordless phones, etc. The six FFV's broadcast by the HF-Rayex offset these unfavorable frequencies to neutralize their effects.
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